Series and Minisodes


Series allow us to dive deep into a particularly complicated topic or idea in agriculture. When we work on a series, will we take a look at a topic and then discuss it over several episodes.

Organic Agriculture (June-July 2019)

In this four-part series, Chris and Hallie dive head first into the tangled world of certified organic agriculture. They go in-depth about the history of the movement, the proper definitions of the term “organic,” and discuss the environmental, economic, and human health costs, benefits, and trade-offs of growing organic.

Special Episodes

Every once in a while, we like to shake up our format a little. In special episodes, we look at topics in agriculture in a slightly different way.


Every few months we take a break from our usual format to do a round-up of “superfoods!” In these special episodes, Hallie and Chris discuss four or more foods that have been given the marketing mantle of a “superfood.” They discuss the plant, its history as a crop, and debate just how super it actually is.

Questions with Catherine

Producer Catherine Arjet usually is a behind-the-scenes presence on One to Grow On. But once in a while we like to do episodes where Catherine asks some basic questions. Catherine doesn’t have a background in agriculture and so often finds herself shocked and surprised when doing research for the show. These episodes are fun, chatty, and will almost always surprise you.


Occasionally, we have a topic that is super interesting but not long enough to take up a full episode. For these, we do a minisode where we can dive deep into a topic for just a little bit of time.


If you have a question about agriculture, we want to get you answers. On these minisodes (<10 minutes long), Hallie will take a short query or brief uncertainty and provide some quick answers.